1. Live: Comeback Kid + The Greenery - Sound Control, Manchester

    Live: Comeback Kid + The Greenery – Sound Control, Manchester

    Absolutely LOVED shooting this gig at Sound Control in Manchester. I’ve never seen Comeback Kid live before, to be honest I hadn’t even heard their music until the night!! Might have turned into a bit of a fan after the night though ;)

    Amazing atmosphere on stage and off – the fans were jumping on to the stage and back off going crazy crowd surfing. I was never a crowd surfer at rock gigs…still…

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  2. Live: Elbow - Phones 4U Arena, Manchester

    Live: Elbow – Phones 4U Arena, Manchester

    Argggh finally got to shoot at the venue. Double whammy as it was a band that I dig the music of.

    Along with Apollo in Manchester, Phones 4U Arena (Manchester Arena) is a venue I’ve been to on several occasions to go see some of my fave artists over the years. Just two nights prior I had seen Justin Timberlake live there. To have one of my shots up backstage at the venue is an amazing feeling, to…

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  3. London Bound… & a bit of a catch up

    London Bound… & a bit of a catch up

    Don’t you hate love it when your on public transport & this person comes sits next to you & decides to blare their music out on their iPod. So loud that you can hear their whole playlist… And then falls asleep with the volume high and SNORES.

    His playlist so far has included Linkin Park, Nickelback, Justin Timberlake & right now, Bye Bye Bye by NSync is playing…. Atleast he has likes good sounds…

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  4. Live: R.I.O - Hide Out Launch Party - Sound Control, Manchester

    Live: R.I.O – Hide Out Launch Party – Sound Control, Manchester

    Saturday night looked like a full basement with people in the mood for a party and pure mancunian talent lined-up right from the off-set!

    The line-up included Lady Ice, Eli Cripps, Mennis, Mr Benz, the oh so awesome JP Cooper and last not but least R.I.O with his band.

    Check out the set from the gig below


    Lady Ice







    Eli Cripps



    Mr Benz




    The ever so brilliant and super…

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  5. Live: Band of Skulls - The Ritz, Manchester 25.03.14

    Live: Band of Skulls – The Ritz, Manchester 25.03.14

    I’d been looking forward to seeing these guys play live for a while. Missed them at the back end of last year when they were supporting on an arena tour, I wanna say QOTSA but could be wrong! Double whammy cause I got to shoot the gig instead for Local Wolves.

    Brill night and so worth the wait. It’s great to see them doing well over here in the UK.

    Their latest album Himalayanis dropping on the…

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  6. Live: The Summer War - Manchester Academy 3

    Live: The Summer War – Manchester Academy 3

    A couple weeks ago I was booked to go down and shoot The Summer War live at Manchester Academy 3.

    As much as I love shooting the bigger shows (lighting is generally so much nicer!) I love shooting at smaller venues too. It’s always nice to kinda know the band! Even better when they trust your judgement in getting the right shots for them.

    The band have a 3 member line-up, Tom, Dave & Jack. Their…

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